Scratch Cupcakes ~ Coralville, IA

I had visited the Scratch Cupcakes location in West Des Moines, IA a few years ago on a “spring break” trip. I had remembered having a really good Chocolate Chip Cookie cupcake and so I was rather excited to discover that there was a location near us in Coralville.

This location is located on one of the side streets down by the Iowa Riverfront area by the Marriott hotel. It’s a very nice and ritzy feeling area. It was easy to find a quick parking spot just a few shops down from the storefront.

This store location seemed a little smaller than the one I’d been to before, but that could just be poor remembering on my part. I will say that I am a person who needs to really look at all the flavor options available for quite awhile before choosing what I want. That being said, the young girl who was working gave me a very impatient and rather sarcastic sounding ” is there anything you are interested in? Are you actually buying something?” That put me off immediately and had I not been craving a cupcake, I probably would have left. I also knew I wanted to compare it to Molly’s Cupcakes located in downtown Iowa City, so since I was there chose to pick one out, get it to go, and never come back to this location again!


I believe I picked the Chocoholic, given that it appears everything about it is Chocolate. It’s a good cupcake, but I do have to say that I enjoy Molly’s more. This one just wasn’t as moist. I did enjoy my cupcake more when visiting the West Des Moines location so perhaps this one just wasn’t as great of a flavor choice, or perhaps not as fresh given that we went later in the afternoon. If you choose to visit the Coralville location I certainly hope you receive less snarky service than I did!

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