Ice Cream Sculptures ~ Le Mars, IA

As mentioned in my previous post, I thought today I’d go into more details about the Ice Cream Sculptures located around Le Mars. When Andrew and I spent the night in Le Mars a month earlier we had walked around the downtown area to find some, but had no map or anything to really know where things were. Here’s one we randomly came across while walking around. I had read online that there was a map of all the locations that you could pick up at the Chamber of Commerce/Visitor Center, but of course being we got there late in the evening it was closed so we couldn’t pick one up.


When Carrie and I visited Le Mars, we got lucky a found our first ice cream sculpture of the day at Bob’s Diner. From there we drove downtown to pick up a map from the Visitor Center. They also gave us a brochure about the different wall murals that are painted around town and told us about one by the fire station that has ladybugs hidden on it.


We spent a good amount of time walking around the downtown area, browsing little shops, checking out the fun murals in the alleys, and of course snapping pictures of ice cream sculptures. We also took a break and got some dessert at the Blue Bunny Ice Cream Parlor and even sat in the soda fountain seats.

After exhausting much of the downtown area, we decided to drive around to search for just a few more. We knew we weren’t going to have time to find all 55 (and did I mention one is actually a cow and one is a dog?), but we chose to just see whatever ones we could. We did get lucky enough to stumble upon both the dog and the cow. The cow was located by Dean Foods and the dog was located by the high school. One of our favorite ice cream sculptures was the one located at the actual Blue Bunny Plant. You’ll notice it says Wells, that’s the family that owns Blue Bunny. We just loved all the ice cream products located on it.


All in all, I think we saw about 25-30 sculptures before heading out of town. We weren’t quite ready to head back to Eagle Grove so we chose to stop off to Orange City on the way back, but that’s a story for another post!

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