Stella ~ Iowa City, IA

Stella is one of the best restaurant choices in Iowa City. During our year in Iowa City, I ate here 3 times and also ate at their sister restaurant, Short’s Burgers once. All the burgers on the menu at Short’s can also be found at Stella. I of course always got a simple burger with pepper jack cheese.

The first time I went to Stella with my friend Carrie and a friend of hers in November. We sat outside on the side patio. The second time we went with Andrew’s parents in June and sat inside. The final time we went in July with my parents and sat on the front patio.

Stella is located close by to Kinnick Stadium, so is popular on game days but is also a great place to come to watch the away games as well. They have a small bar inside and a few TV’s placed around the inside eating area.

Here’s the burger I always choose to order.


When we came with Andrew’s family, he and I both ordered the exact same burger and his parents both got the Pork Tenderloin sandwich, apparently an Iowa staple that his mom was hoping she’d find during our visit.

When we went with my parents my Mom tried this Basil and Mint Martini. It had a nice layer of sugar around the rim. This drink was on the summer specials menu.


I of course, ordered my burger again as a main course. Did I mention their fries here are also amazing?!  Andrew got the Italian pizza. My mom ordered the Crawfish Etouffee and my dad got the Fremont Chicken sandwich which includes jerk spiced chicken with pepper jack cheese and mango jalapeno salsa.

As full as we all were after that my mom and dad decided to split dessert, as did Andrew and I. They had a wonderful Salted Caramel Brownie on the dessert menu.


Any meal at Stella is always great. The servings are giant and the service is always wonderful. Follow along with our travel journeys by following sitesandbitesjournal on Instagram or have blog updates sent to your e-mail.


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