Brothers Bar and Grill ~ Iowa City, IA

Iowa City is known for it’s Ped Mall downtown. There are many local restaurants in the Ped Mall area, but often it’s crazy to try to get to any of them when the college students are in town. We thought we’d take advantage of the downtime in the summer and visit Brothers during the week in the summer.

I didn’t realize until I was browsing the menu online before leaving that there are actually several Brothers locations across the Midwest, mainly all in college towns. The first locations was actually opened in La Crosse, WI. I also noticed one in Eau Claire, WI which is where my sister went to college and asked her if she had ever been. Her response was “No because that’s where everyone goes for cheap beer” and seemed rather shocked that we were even thinking about going.

Well I’m here to tell you. At least if you go in the off season of college students I thought it was quite a nice place to dine. When you walk in the main doors the bar area is straight ahead and the open area in front has several high top tables. We sat in one off to the right side. Only the bartender was on duty so it wasn’t the quickest service, but I give him props for running everything on his own. As you can see there is also a patio area beyond those big glass windows.

The menu is pretty basic but still gives plenty of options. The front side showed you typical pub/bar food and the back side gave a selection of pizza. They of course have quite a nice alcohol selection as well, but neither of us are big drinkers so I didn’t get any pictures of those options.



We both opted to get boneless wings. I ordered mine with the Buffalo sauce and Andrew tried the Hawaiian BBQ. We also shared an order of cheese curds. I’m sure you are learning by now that if cheese curds are offered on the menu, we almost always try them.


The cheese curds were pretty average but I was very happy with the wings. For the price we paid I really felt like we got our money’s worth and also loved that they put more than enough sauce on the wings. Sometimes when I order wings I feel like it’s just been tossed on lightly or almost baked in. I like to still see the sauce dripping and filling the bottom of my basket.

Overall we really enjoyed our meal at Brothers and would probably go to others within the franchise if we happened to be near by and didn’t have other fun places to try. But that’s our problem….even when we like a place there are always so many others to try!

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