Gus’ Food and Spirits ~ Coralville, IA

The weekend after I returned from my parents, Andrew and I went out to tour the Parade of Homes located in the Iowa City/Coralville/North Liberty area. After spending our morning up in North Liberty, we decided to try a restaurant that a congregation member had suggested to us: Gus’ Food and Spirits.

I sure was glad that I plugged the address into my phone GPS. It’s located on the highway that connects North Liberty to Coralville. Off the main drag and located in an area that’s lots of office buildings and store fronts that look the same. Felt like an abandoned strip mall, only not so commercialized looking.

Gus’ is quite large inside. When you walk in the door, a large bar area is right in front of you. To the left is a game area with a few pool tables. TV’s abound, so this would be a great place to get together to watch the game. We sat to the right in a more dining room feeling area. They had tables and booths. We sat in a booth.

It was late for lunch time, so aside from the handful of people at the bar area, there was only us and one other couple there. Our waitress was very attentive. They have a typical selection of pub food, but also some delightful sounding Mac and Cheese options. We both opted for those.

I had the Buffalo Mac and Cheese. I got mine with mild sauce and without the blue cheese crumble or scallions. Neither of those are overly appetizing to me.


I really enjoyed my Mac and thought the chicken complemented it perfectly. In all honesty, I think if it was just plain Mac it would be kind of bland so the Buffalo chicken gave it a nice kick.

Andrew ordered the BBQ Mac, which is the Mac and Cheese topped with Iowa pulled pork, BBQ sauce, and bacon crumble. Andrew tends to order Mac and Cheese anywhere he can find it, so when he says he enjoyed it, I trust him.


As you can see, both orders were heaping orders, so we both had leftovers to take home with us, and I can say, they heat up really well! If we wouldn’t have been moving from the area just a few short months after our visit, I guarantee we would have been back. The joy of his vicarage only lasting a year meant we really made sure to try lots of different area restaurants though!

Follow our travel journey’s in detail by following this blog or in real time snapshots my following sitesandbitesjournal on Instagram!


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