Arbuckles Eatery and Pub ~ Stevens Point, WI

At the beginning of June, I took a trip up to Wisconsin to visit my parents for a few days. While up there we made a trek up to Stevens Point, just a half hour from my home town of Wisconsin Rapids. My mom had suggested several places we could go out to eat at for lunch, and after perusing menus online I chose Arbuckles. I find you generally can’t go wrong with pub food and the Italian Fries sounded quite delicious.

Arbuckles offers both indoor and outdoor seating. Seeing as it was a nice day we chose to eat outside on their patio. It basically is a patio built into alley way space between two buildings.


While there were many great options on the menu, I stuck with the option of the Italian Fries with Mozzarella. You can get a small or large order. I opted for a large so my parents could try some and so I could take some back to Iowa for Andrew to try.


The Italian Fries were very good, but very dense and greasy. I think I ate 3 and felt full. If I went back I think I’d try them plain next time, but that’s if I didn’t get something else off the menu to try as well since there were so many tasty sounding options.

My mom got the Pesto Tortellini. You could have topped with either Cajun chicken or Cajun shrimp. My mom got chicken since my dad is allergic to shellfish and I’ve never cared for shellfish so that way we all could try some. I tried a bite and would be very tempted to order this the next time I visit.


Looking back at the menu online, I’m pretty sure my dad ordered the Monterey Chicken Sandwich. The picture seems to suggest that he did get it without the avocado, unless it’s hiding somewhere that I can’t see. Otherwise it was grilled chicken breast in chipotle southwest seasoning, topped with pepper jack cheese, bacon, and pico de gallo. I didn’t try a bite but he seemed to enjoy it.

IMG_5864 I really enjoyed my meal here and would definitely stop back in while in the area another time. Lots of other good sounding pastas, burgers, and pizzas are also on the menu!


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