2 Dogs Pub ~ Iowa City, IA

After a long weekend away, Andrew and I opted to a meal out when we returned to Iowa City the day after Memorial Day. We went down the road a ways from our house to a place we’d been once before, 2 Dogs Pub.

2 Dogs is located in a strip mall and would be very easy to bypass without even giving it a second glance. Once inside you forget the strip mall and fit right into a typical sports bar atmosphere. They have tables and booths to sit at, as well as space around the bar. Both times we went we sat at a booth.

On a prior visit we had both shared the fried cheese balls (what a lot of places call fried cheese curds), and we each had a burger. I can’t remember what Andrew ordered for a burger, but I had the Say Cheese, which had 4 kinds of cheese and cheese curds on top. It wasn’t bad, but the cheese curds weren’t my favorite compared to other restaurants so I didn’t plan to have it again.

2 Dogs claims to have the best wings in town and has quite a selection of different sauces. We both decided to go the boneless wing route. I went with the signature Buffalo and Andrew had one of the BBQ options. We also decided to share an appetizer of Bavarian pretzels. We opted to get the cheese sauce with the pretzel sticks because we are definitely cheese people and definitely not mustard people.

As you can see even though we ordered the 6 piece wing, they generously gave us 8 and the three pretzel sticks were just right for an appetizer, if not actually a little too much. They were quite filling.

2 Dogs is great for a quick sit down meal and average Pub food, but to me none of the food was the ‘best I’ve ever had’. However I’m glad I tried both burger and wings at some point.



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