AWAYSIS Park ~ Storm Lake, IA

On our way back to Iowa City, we decided to detour through Storm Lake, IA to see one of the larger lakes located in the state. Andrew had visited in the past when he used to come to the area to visit his grandma.

It was a cooler day, about 50 degrees, so it seemed far too chilly to even wade into the water, but we found a nice park along the lake that had a neat observation tower we could climb up to get some nice views.

As you can see there is a nice beach area for when the weather is nice and a small pier area where some people were fishing.

Looking back toward the parking lot there also was a giant playground area that was getting some good use that morning. As well as a nice grassy area where people could enjoy picnics. Beyond the park, there is a giant water park resort as well. It looked like a fun place to check out.

The park also has a snack bar area. There also were outdoor showers located on that building. The snack bar wasn’t open yet. I’m guessing it probably is open Memorial Day through Labor Day. So it probably opened the day after we visited.


Even though it was just a quick pit stop, I’d be tempted to visit this area again. Maybe even to stay in the resort next time.

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