Georgia Bucket List: Presidential Pathways

Moving on to the 4th of 9 installments of the Georgia Bucket list. I’m excited for this one because I love exploring places that deal with the lives of past presidents. I always feel it’s easier to respect what they did during their terms in hind sight rather than when they are in office.


  • Habitat for Humanity Global Village and Discovery Center: This place sounds pretty amazing. You get to explore 15 different Habitat replica homes from around the world. What better way to cruise the globe than in one village in Georgia?


  • Andersonville National Historic Site: This is on my list due to the National Parks Passport I have, but I also think the National Prisoner of War Museum sounds interesting.


  • Chattahoochee Riverwalk: I always think river walks are fun to explore because there are often little local stores and restaurants along the way that I love to explore.
  • The National Civil War Naval Museum at Port Columbus: This one is on the list for my husband. He loves checking out old war ships.
  • National Infantry Museum: Another war museum on the list for my husband.


  • Georgia Veterans State Park: This sounded intriguing to me. There’s a lake for my nature side and war memorials for my husbands interest.

La Grange

  • Biblical History Center: As a future pastor’s wife this sounded intriguing. Especially the fact that it’s interactive. I love interactive museums!

Pine Mountain

  • F.D. Roosevelt State Park: This is Georgia’s largest state park but I’m drawn in by the aspect of hiking to Dowdell’s Knob, the highest point in the area!


  • Billy Carter Gas Station Museum: It’s not often you find a museum dedicated to a President’s brother, so I thought this would be worth checking out.
  • Jimmy Carter National Historic Site: Here’s the place where President Jimmy Carter grew up, plus it’s on the National Park Site Bucket List.

Warm Springs

  • Roosevelt’s Little White House State Historic Site: This was FDR’s vacation home. I’ve never been to any president’s vacation home, so it seems worth checking out.

As always there’s much more to be found around the area. Follow along with my travel adventures on Instagram by following sitesandbitesjournal.

All information gathered from the 2017 Georgia Travel Guide.



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