The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: Quality Inn and Suites South, Sioux Falls, SD

While on our way to Bismarck, ND for my brother-in-law’s high school graduation over Memorial Weekend I was excited because I would be able to gather info for my first ever hotel only post for this blog. Needless to say, I rarely write a bad review of a place but part of our experience here warrants a not so great review, so here it goes.

We arrived in Sioux Falls, SD after driving through Iowa and South Dakota during the late afternoon and evening. Needless to say, reaching Des Moines at rush hour is not ideal. We were excited to arrive around 8pm so that we would still have time to enjoy the pool before heading to bed early so that we could get an early start the next morning.

The parking lot was pretty full when we arrived, but that didn’t surprise me given that it was Memorial Weekend. The hotel is right off I-29 but is in with a few other hotels so it’s tricky to tell exactly which parking lot you need to turn into. The guy working the front desk was extremely friendly and in a great mood and our time at the hotel seemed off to a great start. As he got our keys ready, he even verified the room number that was on the paper work I was filling out. (This detail is important for later!)

Our room was located on the first floor about five rooms down the hall from the main lobby area and pool. The room was pretty basic but did include a mini fridge and microwave as well as a safe that the front desk clerk had joked that no one ever uses.

The bathroom was quite tiny as you can see in the picture below. I took the picture from the door. The toilet is straight ahead, sink with long counter to the left, and the tub/shower to the right. Very narrow and impossible to get any other pictures unless I was going to stand on the toilet or in the tub. We were only there for the night so that worked fine for us.


We quickly dropped off our bags, changed into swim suits, and were ready to head to the hot tub to relax. The odd thing was that at first we couldn’t figure out how to get into the pool area. The door we thought we should go into did not have key access like most hotels do, and as much as I pushed and pulled we couldn’t seem to get it open. This was confusing as about 5 kids were in the pool and had clearly figured out how to get in. Another older lady was trying to door as I had and was also grumbling about how to get in as we searched for another door. I finally went back and gave it a final tug and it gave way. Not sure if the humidity made it stick or some other reason. We made our way to the hot tub with the lady. Another gentleman was already sitting in there with the jets off so I didn’t bother to turn them on. The lady tried, but to no luck. The man said he had tried also and that apparently they weren’t working. This was quite disappointing following our long drive so we didn’t stay in long and shortly made our way back to our room since the pool was full of kids.

We watched TV for about an hour and then turned into bed by 10 pm. Around 12:30 am, we were awoken by a phone ringing. I was very confused and thought Andrew’s phone was going off and was trying to figure out why he wouldn’t tell me who called after missing the call (It’s because it was the room phone not his cell phone! Silly sleepy me!) Shortly after that our door was clicked open with a key and someone tried to enter but thanks to us using our trusty deadbolt couldn’t get in. Needless to say by that point I was very freaked out! I sent Andrew down to the front desk to ask what was going on. They explained to him that apparently we had been given the wrong room at check in and since we didn’t answer the phone call they figured the room was actually empty…..ummmm…if you knew the room had been occupied enough to make a call down, why on earth would you let someone in. It was the only explanation given and they told Andrew to just head back to our room. However, when he came back he couldn’t get in because his key would no longer work, so I had to let him in.

In the morning,  our bill was already shoved under the door with two new keys along with a note that said “Here’s new keys. The old ones won’t work anymore. Sorry for the inconvenience. Clearly the guy working the desk that night (different from the check in guy) didn’t want to deal with us and was hoping we would just drop the keys and leave.

We showered and went down for breakfast. It was quite busy but they still had a good selection of items to choose from. I enjoyed biscuits and gravy, but they also had waffles, cereal, assorted fruit, and assorted items that could be toasted. I made up my mind during breakfast that I would try to rest my complaint about the previous night to the worker even though it was the same guy.

Andrew grabbed all of our bags to pack into the car while I waited to turn in our keys and hopefully maybe get some of our money back or something. The man in front of me was with a college track and field group and had multiple rooms that he was checking out. The clerk made plenty of small talk with him and ask about their stay. After he moved aside I stated the room number I had been in and started to hand over my keys. As I was just opening my mouth to begin my complaint, the clerk quickly grabbed them, said “have a nice day” and turned to head back into the office. Clearly not wanting to own up to the horrible experience he had put us through the night before.

I’ve written up a complaint in a survey the hotel sent out afterwards but not much came of it other than they said it was “brought to staff attention and they hoped we’d give them another chance.” Sorry Quality Inn and Suites South in Sioux Falls….if I’m ever back in the area I most certainly will not be using your service.



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