Yotopia~Iowa City, IA

For those who don’t know, Andrew and I are currently living in Iowa City for his year vicarage year (pastor internship) before going back to St. Louis for his final year of schooling. We move back to St. Louis the last day of July so we are living up our Iowa City restaurant experience and also hitting up a lot of fun Iowa sites before we leave. Today will be my first restaurant post for Iowa City. We’ve been to lots of others but I’ve always forgotten to take pictures in the other places! But you are always welcome to contact me about other great restaurants in the area that don’t get mentioned in our final months of living here!

Yotopia is the place to go in Iowa City for Frozen Yogurt. They claim to be Iowa City’s first FroYo place. The shop is located down on the Pedestrian Mall in the main part of town. The Ped Mall is a fun place to check out no matter what and usually has some kind of event or activity going on, especially in the summer. This was the weekend before Memorial Day and was the first live free Friday concert happening on the Ped Mall. Sadly, it was also very cold so not too many people were out to enjoy the music.

Despite the cold, we still were in the mood for something sweet, so Yotopia seemed like a great place to check out. Like many other franchise FroYo joints, this is a serve yourself kind of place. I didn’t choose to do this, but I love that they have little dividers that can be placed in the cups so you can have more than one flavor. When they are busy, it can get a little crowded waiting to fill your cup with goodies. Remember you pay by the weight so don’t let your eyes get bigger than your stomach.

If I recall they had 5 or 6 froyo machines. 2 flavors in each with the option to also “twist” those 2 flavors together. I was boring and opted for standard chocolate, but they also have fun flavors like Cake Batter and Georgia Peach. Something for everyone!

Then you proceed on to the toppings bar. All the crumbly, chocolaty toppings come first, then fruity, and then large toppings that maybe you haven’t considered putting on frozen yogurt before. Nothing too crazy, but they do offer some sweets that I haven’t seen at other similar places.

The last stop before the register is the squeezable toppings. I love adding marshmallow fluff and chocolate syrup to mine. The chocolate syrups are even Ghiradelli brand so you will not be disappointed!


Yotopia doesn’t have a ton of seating space but it does offer quite a few styles. They have a long high top counter to sit at along one window, a few tables with chairs and then built in benches along the other window with pillows placed along it for comfort. We opted for a regular table.


Something fun about Iowa City is that new artwork can pop up on any corner. If you know me, you know I have a love for postcards, so I was especially excited about this new mural that’s been painted on the Northeast corner of the library in the alleyway.


All in all, if you want a nice sweet treat that you can control the cost of, check out Yotopia!


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