A Few Notes

I’m very excited to take this blog in another new direction! Every Tuesday I will still be posting a Travel Tuesday post that shows our journey to various places across the USA. But I am please to say that I will be working on putting together state bucket lists as well!

Some things to know about the new state bucket lists!

  • Each post will be based on a particular region of a particular state. If I created one post for each state it would be a list of hundreds of places to visit! By going by region (and even sometimes major city), I’ll be able to stick to a decent amount of attractions in a day.
  • All of my info I’ve used for my bucket lists have come from state visitor guides, Pinterest articles, and a book titled “50 States 5000 Ideas” put together by National Geographic. Bucket lists will also be based off my husband’s and my interests, so please keep in mind that much much more could be added to each list but this is a way for us to keep track of places we’d like to visit on future road trips someday.
  • I’m planning to keep posts organized in a way that you could drive from region to region to see these sites.
  • Most bucket list posts will only included attractions as restaurants tend to open and close more frequently than major attractions do. These posts may need to withstand a bit of time before we visit said places.
  • Some places we will have visited before but I want my readers to know that they were great places to spend some time. If we’ve visited them I’ll put the date we have in parentheses and maybe include a fun picture!
  • I will try to post 2 or 3 bucket lists a week because otherwise between all the different regions of states it would take me 6 years to accomplish this goal!

Finally not related to the bucket list posts, but still very exciting! You can now follow sitesandbitesjournal on Instagram to see some more up to date pictures of places we are currently visiting rather than wait for the lengthy detailed blog posts that follow trips.


One comment

  1. Stephen Pepper · May 20, 2017

    Looking forward to these – hoping it’ll give us some extra ideas for our road trip too 🙂


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