Spring Break Day 1, Part 2: Bentonville and Fort Smith

Following out time at the rather frigid Pea Ridge Battlefield, we decided we should get some nice warm lunch before heading to the Walmart Museum in Bentonville. I did a quick search for some cheap eats in Bentonville on my Trip Advisor App and discovered a nice diner type place called the Station that served some great warm sandwiches. As we plugged the address into our phone, we were even happier discovering it was two buildings down from the museum. Perfect!

We easily found some free street parking just a block away from our destinations. The Station is a nice Mom and Pop place located on the square. I loved the decor of license plates and old gas pumps. It had been forever since I had a grilled cheese sandwich so that’s what I ordered. Andrew opted for the Ham and Cheese.


Following our meal we walked down to the Walmart Museum. It’s cool because the old Walton’s 5-10 storefront is still there. They also have another building portion that holds the museum exhibits, and a soda fountain. The museum is organized chronologically. It was really neat to see how the company spread across the U.S. and globe over time. They also had some fun interactive activities to try in each area.

Our final stop for the day would be in Fort Smith which was also where we would be spending the night. We made it to Fort Smith National Historic Site around 4pm which only gave us an hour to see everything. Fortunately, the entrance fee allowed us to come back the following day. We chose to spend our first evening there exploring the outside grounds. We got to go inside the Commissary and the Gallows. We also walked across the railroad tracks, crossing the Arkansas/ Indian Territory boundary to see the site of where they wanted to first build the fort. There also is a nice path that goes along the Arkansas River over on that side of the tracks that allowed us to get a nice walk in after being in the car for several hours that day.

After Fort Smith closed for the day, we drove over to the Baymont where we were spending the night. Check in was a breeze and they even had fresh cookies out for us to take. That held us over before we drove North of town to get to the nearest Zaxby’s. We don’t have Zaxby’s near us, so it’s always a treat when we get to eat there!


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