Spring Break Day 1: Missouri and Arkansas (Part 1)

This spring break Andrew and I were looking for a way to head to a warmer place without breaking the bank. We thought just going to southern Missouri and Arkansas would do the trick, but turns out that was some of the coldest March weather those areas had seen in quite some time! We still greatly enjoyed our time there. Our first day was jam packed with places to visit so I’ll just give you part of the scoop today!

Sunday after church, we drove as far as Joplin, MO for the night. We spent the night at the Best Western. It was an older building but renovated. All the doors were open to the outside and that being said we had quite a bit of loud foot traffic outside our door. When morning came I realized it was because an entire college baseball team was also staying there overnight.

When we got up in the morning we realized we weren’t that far from where the tornado went through a few years back, so we drove along it’s path to see how things have been rebuilt since then. I must say that is one impressive high school! They also had a really neat park that was being built up further west in town.

Our first touristy stop of the day was George Washington Carver National Monument in Diamond, MO. When we arrived, they welcomed us into the visitor center and immediately asked if we were parents with the first grade field trip. (our answer was no….and then we mentally prepared ourselves for bombardment.) The visitor center had three levels of exhibits. I was not expecting that but it was really nice and we learned a lot of new information. He’s more than just a peanut man! The upper level was filled with interactive, hands-on exhibits that I’m sure were great fun for those first graders.


They have about a mile walking trail around the grounds, but part of it was closed for construction while we were there. We also were wimps and chose to not take the trail since the wind was blowing quite forcefully.

Our next stop brought us just into the northern part of Arkansas: Pea Ridge National Military Park. The weather hadn’t warmed much by then, so we were very grateful for the self-guided driving tour. We were brave enough to get our at the East Overlook (nice mountain views), West Overlook (battlefield views), and Elkhorn Tavern.

After we’d had enough exploring in the cold weather, we decided to head toward Bentonville, where we would get lunch and visit our next tourist attraction. But more on that next week! 🙂

Hope you’ve enjoyed this “Tuesday Travels” post!



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