Southern Tour Day 10: Little Rock

Our first stop in our two days in Little Rock was the William Clinton Presidential Museum and Library. I was really excited for this visit because they had a special exhibit on the Olympics while we were there (fitting because the Rio Summer Olympics were going on during this time.) I was also looking forward to this museum because Clinton is the first president a really remember being in office during my lifetime. I was amazed by how much I still didn’t know! As it seems with all presidential libraries, there was enough to read in all the exhibits to last weeks, so we had to pick and choose which exhibits we read in depth.


By far our favorite part was the special exhibits on the Olympics. They had separate areas for both the Summer and Winter games. They had lots of memorabilia from the Athens and London games that we enjoyed reminiscing over. The Winter games exhibit also had a bobsled that we could climb into and one of the workers was kind enough to take our picture for us!


After the museum we took a trip out of town to visit Arkansas Post National Memorial. It is in the middle of nowhere Arkansas, but I really enjoyed the trip and found it to be very interesting. We were the only people there when we visited. The area has had many flags flown over it during it’s existence. The fort is no longer there because the river now covers it’s location. The fort saw battles in both the Revolutionary and Civil Wars. If you ever have a chance, head out to Gillett, Arkansas and give Arkansas Post a visit.


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