Southern Tour Day 9: Hot Springs National Park

We woke up early in the morning to head down to Bathhouse Row for our hot springs spa appointment at Quapaw Bathhouse. We were signed up for a couples bath. We paid extra to have some bath salts thrown in to help soothe our muscles after all our car time the day before. We really enjoyed the soak and even though the time seems short, it’s just the right amount of time so you don’t get too hot from the hot springs!

Following our time at the spa we went into the visitor center and got to check out the old bathhouse styles and equipment. Then we took a walk along the Promenade. After that it was time to head up the mountain to the Hot Springs Observation Tower. We had great views from the top and I liked that you could take in the views from both the inside and an observation deck outside.


Following out time in the tower we went into town for lunch at Olive Garden, followed by a stop at the best Ice Cream shop in Arkansas: Scoops Ice Cream, then it was onward to Little Rock where we would spend the final days of our trip.


We arrived in Little Rock a little sooner than we anticipated so we chose to visit Little Rock Central High National Historic Site. I really enjoyed the layout of the visitor center and felt like I was part of that movement while visiting. It really brought history to life.



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