Southern Tour Day 7: Baton Rouge

Phew! So sorry to my followers that it’s taken me so long to finish this trip. The work of a preschool teacher and pastor interns wife comes with a lot of responsibility, especially around the holidays!

Day 7 of our Southern Tour brought us to the capitol city of Louisiana: Baton Rouge. Two weeks before Baton Rouge had been filling the news with the police officer shootings so needless to say we weren’t exactly sure what we would be walking into, but hoped for the best. The night before we had reached Baton Rouge and checked into our hotel after being stuck in horrendous traffic for the last hour. Traffic seems to see the biggest issue when dealing with Baton Rouge. Both times we passed through during the trip it was far worse there than in New Orleans.

Our first stop of the day was to see the Old Statehouse. The outside looks like a gorgeous miniature white castle. They had some fascinating exhibits inside, including one about the different flags that have flown in the state throughout the years and one about the different locations of the capitol throughout the state’s history. The upstairs area is nearly empty, but if you use your imagination you can picture how it would look filled with a bustling government. They also have a nice little gift shop there. If you are wanting gifts about the state, this is your stop because the current capitol and state museum offer limited souvenirs or none at all.

Following our visit to the Old Statehouse, we continued on a walk northwards towards the current State capitol. This building is one of the tallest state capitols you can find. Nebraska’s is just a bit taller I believe. We had been told that a trip to the observation deck was a must. I loved every view from the top. My husband doesn’t do well with heights but still peeked out for a little while! It really gives you some perspective on the city from way up there! On our elevator trip back down, we accidentally got out a floor above where we expected, but this gave us a chance to view the Senate and House chambers, so it was a worthwhile mistake.

Our final stop of the morning was a visit to the Louisiana State Museum. The exhibits in this museum were very well done! The bottom level was all state history and the second level dealt with the cultural influences in different regions. It was neat to see how they portrayed areas that we had already visited and a great chance to read up on the next region we would be heading into! We grabbed some fast food for lunch and then headed to our next destination…..Natchitouches. But that would be the next days adventure!


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