Southern Tour Day 6: New Orleans

On our last day in New Orleans, we made sure to get the full city experience one last time.  Our morning began with a tour of Blaine Kern’s Mardi Gras World. It was so neat to see how they put the floats together and watch the artist’s at work.  I loved that after the tour, we could stay in the warehouse area as long as we wanted walking around seeing all the props and floats that were back there. It’s hard to believe that what’s there is just a small portion of what gets used during Mardi Gras.

Following that, it was back towards the French Quarter area to see the Audubon Aquarium of the Americas. While it was a neat Aquarium, it was very busy and I think far overpriced. We only spent about an hour there because that’s all we needed to peek into all the exhibits.  The bird feeding area was pretty neat, but I wish they had more of a show like Baltimore or Chicago. It would have made it more worth it. But I was very excited to see a white alligator. The only other time I’ve seen one was at the Philadelphia Zoo when I was 8.


Lunch was split into two courses. First we went to Mother’s for some gumbo. The line was long and out the door but the wait went by quickly. While gumbo in New Orleans is better than it is other places, it’s still not my thing. Next we went to The Joint, which supposedly has the best BBQ in Louisiana. The price seems a little high at first, but when you see how much food you get, you won’t be sorry! We were eating leftover BBQ for two meals after!

We made a quick drive past the Metrodome, just to say we’d been past it and then head out of the city towards Baton Rouge.


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