Southern Tour Day 3: Natchez, MS and New Orleans

Day three of our trip gave us an early start in Natchez. We drove over to the Natchez National Historical Park Visitor Center along the river to get my Passport stamped and then drove past the William Johnson House (couldn’t go in because they are currently short staffed and closed the day we were there) and then walked through the grounds of Melrose Estate. Finally began to get the feel of the Southern Plantation life.


From there we continued on to New Orleans. Getting there early, we decided to head straight down the the French Quarter. Parking was a pain to find, but we eventually found a parking garage near Bourbon Street. Never again will we park along that stinky, filthy, street. I have no idea why everyone enjoys it so much, other than if you purely want to go to get drunk at anytime of day.

We quickly headed towards the river, away from Bourbon Street. The main street along the river is much cleaner, although still filled with homeless. Our first stop was Jackson Square and the Saint Louis Cathedral. The cathedral was beautiful, but we giggled over the fact that signs said “Please remain quiet” and they had drills running at top speed on the second level balcony that roared over everything as they refurbished something up above.

From there we walked all the way down to the Old U.S. Mint building, where the Jazz National Historical Park is currently being housed as the renovate their visitor center. We were able to take in the second half of their free concert, which was pretty awesome to be able to say that we got our New Orleans Jazz in during our first hour or so in the city.

After walking back to our car in the heat and smell, we determined we’d had enough of the city for the day. We drove over to our Super 8, which is located right next to an abandoned Holiday Inn still left behind from Hurricane Katrina. It was obvious our hotel’s neighborhood still was attempting to recover nearly a decade later. While the neighborhood wasn’t much to look at, our hotel was nice, aside from the pool undergoing maintenance that day. We decided to stay in the rest of the night and ordered a pizza! New Orleans had already taken a toll on us in only our first afternoon there and we didn’t feel like paying for parking to go back in for some authentic cuisine that night!



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