North Dakota Adventure: Day 3

Our third and final day took us back into Central time zone and one more National Park site. We left Regent in the morning and made a pit stop to see our favorite large roadside attraction, Salem Sue, in New Salem, ND. This is where Andrew asked me to marry him 5 years ago! So needless to say, a visit back was long overdue. It was busy up there that day though! I think 5 other cars stopped in for a visit while we were there!


Following our pit stop to see Salem Sue, we made our way to our final National Park site in North Dakota, Knife River Villages.  Knife River allows you to see the area where the Native Americans settled along the river.  You can still see indentations in the earth where there earth lodges sat and they recreated one behind the visitor center so you can see what a lodge would have looked like and what would have been stored inside. It was really neat and now we can successfully say that the North Dakota section of our Passport to the National Parks is complete!




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