North Dakota Adventure: Day 2, Part 2

Part 2 of our second day brought us to the Enchanted Highway. For those of you who don’t know, North Dakota has a thing for large highway attractions. In turn, Andrew and I have a thing for large roadside attractions. Our first date was to the giant buffalo in Jamestown, ND and we got engaged at Salem Sue, who you will hear more about in a later post. But the Enchanted Highway takes the cake! I local resident of Regent, North Dakota wanted to give people a reason to visit his town, and the Enchanted Highway was born. The Enchanted Highway stretches 30 miles form the interstate down to Regent.  Along the way there are 8 large sculptures he created from scrap metal.  We really enjoyed our time checking out all the different sculptures!

It all begins with Geese in Flight which you can see from the interstate.  It is the World’s largest metal sculpture and is very impressive to look at. For most people that’s the only sculpture they will see along the Enchanted Highway because they pull off the interstate to check it out but don’t continue down the rest.


Andrew and I continued down the highway and saw each of the other sculptures.  Our other favorites included Grasshoppers in the Field, Pheasants on the Prairie, and Fisherman’s Dream.

When we ended out time on the Highway in Regent, we arrived at the Enchanted Castle. The Enchanted Castle is an old elementary school that has been turned into a hotel, and its one of the best places I’ve ever stayed.  Our room was huge, with double sinks in the bathroom and a wet bar/ kitchenette area.  They had a full gym for Andrew to shoot some hoops and two hot tubs in the spa room.  On top of all that, the one restaurant in Regent is located at the hotel and it was a steakhouse designed to look like a medieval pub.  Our meal was outstanding, and now we wish we had a reason to drive back to Regent and stay there again!


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