A Day in Minnesota!

On our way from Camp Luther in the North woods of Wisconsin to Andrew’s grandparent’s farm in Niagara, ND, we had to travel along good old US 2.  Our journey would take us through the northern portion of Minnesota.  We decided to make a few stops along the way.  The first was to Duluth.  We happened to choose a rough day to make a pit stop in Duluth because a marathon was happening right near the place we wanted to visit. Now Andrew knows what its like to be on the other side of race day.

While in Duluth we visited the Great Lakes Aquarium.  It sits right by Canal Park so you have a beautiful view of the canal from inside and they have a balcony area that overlooks it as well.  We enjoyed seeing all the different wildlife that can be found in our Great Lakes, especially the Sturgeon that are found around Isle Royale.  It was really neat to see the sturgeon and other big fish get fed by the divers.

Following our adventure in Duluth, we continued along Highway 2 for awhile before taking a brief detour down to Lake Itasca, home to the Mississippi Headwaters.  We knew the trip was something we wanted to do because later in the summer we will be down to New Orleans where the end of the river basically is.  I am soooooo glad that we added this stop because it was the highlight of my day! The water was beautiful and clear.  You could walk right across the “river.” It was a busy place but we loved every minute and would love to come back to the state park at some point and check out some of their other hiking trails!


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