Wolfgram Northern Tour Begins!

At the beginning of June, Andrew and I embarked on a 45 day Northern Tour that would take us to see both of our families and allow us to take some side adventures of our own.  Over the next several blog posts I hope to give some insight into the places that we visited.

We began our journey from St. Louis to Wisconsin Rapids with a stop to see the state capitol in Wisconsin.  I’d been here many years ago when we took our 7th grade field trip to Madison.  It was neat to come back and take a self-guided tour of our own.  They still offer guided tours but since we were just passing through we chose to explore on our own.

There are a lot of neat and intricate details to the building, but one of Andrew’s favorites were the giant drinking fountains, or “bubblers” as we call them in Wisconsin. As we left a guide was mentioning to someone about how you could go up to the observation deck and take in beautiful views of the lake, but since Andrew isn’t one for heights we passed on that.


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