Two Short Trips

At the end of January and beginning of February, Andrew and I took two short trips.  One to a site in the city that we hadn’t visited yet, and one to Arkansas so that he could play in one of the Preachers basketball games.

Our first weekend we visited Ulysses S. Grant National Historic Site.  This site is run by the National Park Service.  When we first arrived in St. Louis we had visited Grant’s Farm across the street, but to me, visiting Grant’s house was much more exciting.  We went on a beautiful January Day…temperatures were in the 60’s or 70’s….and somehow were still the only ones on our tour that Sunday morning after church. I liked that once they brought you into the house you were given time to look around on your own. They also had a really well put together museum after you made it through the house.


The next weekend we took a trip down to Arkansas.  We went so Andrew could play with the Preachers against Crowley Ridge College.  I used it as an excuse to visit a new state.  We only made it about 30 miles into Arkansas so there isn’t much to say but it was hillier and more tree covered than I anticipated. I’ll have to make a more extended visit in the future.



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