Date Nights!

Ok so people who know me, know I love to try new restaurants. I have a huge bucket list of Saint Louis restaurants listed by neighborhood hanging on our closet doors in the bedroom.  Lately, Andrew and I had been slacking on crossing things off that list, so we thought we’d try to do one thing a week.  It’s a New Year’s Resolution that we hadn’t even planned on!  The past two weeks we’ve visited some very good restaurants!

Last week we went to Dave and Tony’s Premium Burgers in Creve Ceour.  The burgers were amazing and I love how you can customize them to exactly what you want.  Just walk in, fill out the little card, and you are good to go! That being said….if you want to add fries, get just one order between the two of you….we had WAAAAAY too many fries to finish!


We followed up the meal with hot chocolate (since winter finally arrived in St. Louis) and a nice game of cribbage!

Now yesterday we went on another date night!  This place I actually stumbled upon by accident.  I’d been researching the Restaurant at the Cheshire Inn down the road from us (which is temporarily closed.)  They suggested checking out the Fox and Hound (located in their Inn), but when I searched I found this sports bar in Chesterfield that sounded mighty appetizing!  So off we went!

First off….can we just say how amazing all of the food was! So so so good! The atmosphere was delightful. We were seated right by the big screen TV so we got to watch the Broncos take down the Steelers.  Our waitress was attentive and did I mention my wings were amazing!  Also what you see below in the picture is the half order of wings….can you imagine the full?!


Needless to say, my mouth was on fire after all those wings, so we had to make an ice cream stop on the way home.  Yes, I ate it right out of the carton. No, I’m not ashamed. Yes, we followed our ice cream with a game of cribbage….do you sense a trend here?


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